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INDONESIA – New Appointment System at Manpower Department Delays Processing

Effective 1 December, the Manpower Office has introduced a new appointment system for the manual submission of applications for the RPTK (Expatriate Placement Plan), the TA-01 (individual foreign employee approval) and the IMTA (individual work permit).

Previously, paper applications could be submitted manually the day after completing the relevant online application. Under the new system, the appointment date may be set for more than three weeks after the online application, significantly delaying processing at all three stages.

There have also been changes to the documentary requirements for TA-01 applications and to the validity period of work permits in some cases.

How the Appointment System Works

When the online application is submitted, a receipt will be issued by the Manpower Department, containing a barcode and a date for an appointment to submit the paper documents.

A recent typical online application for TA-01, on 14 December 2014, resulted in the issuance of a receipt with an invitation to go to the Manpower department for the manual application on 7 January 2015 (nearly four weeks later).

After the appointment, an RPTK or IMTA application should take seven to ten days to process, while a TA-01 application should take three to five days.

Stricter Document Requirements in Support of TA-01 Applications

From November 2014, a copy of a university degree certificate, curriculum vitae or letter of reference from a previous employer (if applicable) in support of a TA-01 application must be submitted with the sponsoring company’s stamp and signed by the HR Director. The first two of those documents must also have a ‘’meterai’’ (a signed duty stamp obtainable from the post office).

Shorter Validity of Work Permits for Employers Holding Principal Permit

Foreign Investment Companies with only an initial Principal Permit, rather than a Permanent Licence (IUT) will henceforth only be able to obtain employment authorization for a foreign national employee for up to six months, except for Director positions.

Action Items

  • Employers in Indonesia sponsoring work permits for foreign nationals should allow at least four weeks longer than previously for the processing of each application (RPTK, TA-01 and IMTA).The current cumulative processing delays may subside as the new appointment system becomes established;
  • Anyone submitting TA-01 applications should ensure that supporting documents have the correct stamps and signatures, according to the new requirements;
  • Companies with only a Principal Permit should re-evaluate their plans considering they can no longer obtain work permits for more than six months, except for Director positions.

This news alert was prepared using information provided by Rami Services.

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