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LEBANON – Foreign Nationals Excluded from Some Professions

In a decision issued 17 December 2015, the Lebanese Minister of Labour reserved to Lebanese nationals the exclusive right to practice certain careers in Lebanon.

However, foreign nationals may be exempt from this new rule if they are specialists or technicians in positions that cannot be filled by a Lebanese national. Moreover, any foreign national currently holding a Lebanese work permit will be allowed to continue to work in Lebanon until the work permit expires.

Jobs reserved for Lebanese Nationals

All jobs and business related to the administration, banking, accounting, education, publishing, engineering, medicine, law and insurance sectors, are now reserved for Lebanese nationals, including but not limited to President, Dean, director, cashier, accountant, secretary, sales or marketing representative, teacher, engineer, nurse and pharmacist.


The Minister of Labour can decide to exclude foreign nationals from these provisions, if they fulfill one of these criteria:

  • Specialist or technician performing jobs that cannot be filled by Lebanese nationals;
  • Director or representative of a foreign company registered in Lebanon;
  • Lebanese resident since birth;
  • Of Lebanese origin or born to a Lebanese mother;
  • The country of residence of the foreign national allows Lebanese nationals to perform the job that the foreign national wants to perform in Lebanon.

Palestinian and Syrian nationals are also exempt from the provisions in certain circumstances.

Action Items

  • Ensure that any assignee to Lebanon meets one of the exemption criteria.
  • Current work permit holders applying to renew their work permits will need to prove they meet the exemption criteria.

This news alert was prepared using information provided by Fakhry Law Firm.

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