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AUSTRALIA – Visa Application Fees to Increase from January; Further Fee Hikes Proposed

The Australian government has announced new visa fees to be effective from January 2012, with increases ranging from five to 15% in several categories. Additionally, proposals have been made for further increases over the course of the next eighteen months.

New Visa Application Charges

The new visa application charges (VAC), effective from 1 January 2012, are as follows (in Australian dollars):

  • 020 Bridging Visa B: $125 (up from $105)
  • 119 Employer nomination/ Regional sponsored migration scheme lodged offshore: $2095 up from $1995)
  • 121 Employer nomination application lodged offshore: $2095 (up from $1995)
  • 456 Business (short stay): $140 (up from $120)
  • 457 Business (long stay): $350 (up from $305)
  • 856 Employer nomination application lodged onshore: $3105 (up from $2960)
  • 857 Employer nomination/Regional sponsored migration scheme lodged onshore: $3105 (up from $2960)

Further Fee Hikes Proposed

The Australian government has also proposed the introduction of higher fees over the course of the next eighteen months for the following situations:

  • For each dependent to be included in a visa application, from July 2013. Currently, the fee covers all dependents included in a visa application;
  • For longer duration visas;
  • For paper applications where an online option is available; and
  • For optional services, such as visa labels which are not currently required, as the Australian immigration system is electronically monitored.

Action Items

  • Note the fee increases and budget accordingly.

This news alert was prepared using information provided by Visa Executive

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