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EGYPT – UPDATE: New Work Permit Application Requirement Tests Labour Market

As an update to our alert yesterday, the Ministry of Manpower and Immigration in Egypt has now (10 February 2015) advised that work permit applications can be submitted, and that there are changes to the document requirements with the aim of testing the local labour market.

The implementation of these changes is likely to delay permit processing significantly.

The new requirement does not affect applications that have already been submitted, renewals or deregistrations.

New Document Requirement

In addition to all the previously required documents, a letter of support containing a detailed job description must now also be submitted in support of a work permit application.

The document should be prepared by the host company in Arabic, and must include a brief description of the applicant’s work experience and explanation of how this experience may benefit the host company.

This new requirement is designed to check that the applicant's specific experience matches the job description, and to ensure that qualified Egyptian nationals are not overlooked for the job. The Egyptian authorities have not yet clarified exactly how the labour market testing will be carried out.

Nationals of African and Asian countries will also have to submit an employment contract in Arabic, legalised by the ministry of foreign affairs of their home country and also by the Egyptian embassy or consulate in their home country.

Action Points

  • Ensure that new work permit applications include the required job description letter.
  • Plan for delays in work permit processing as this requirement is implemented.

This news alert was prepared using information provided by Challenge Law Firm and Global Relocation Consultants.

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