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BRAZIL – Proof of Experience Documentary Requirements Eased

The Ministry of Labour and Employment will now accept a wider range of documents as proof of work experience, in support of a temporary work visa.

Moreover, in the case of applicants of companies linked by common ownership it will be possible to submit a letter of experience from the Brazilian host company, which does not need to be legalised abroad.

Who Benefits?

This amendment will be useful to any foreign national applying for a work visa which requires proof of previous relevant work experience abroad. This includes those who enter Brazil with a temporary local employment contract with a Brazilian employer, and those providing technical assistance or technology transfer services for up to one year.

What Has Changed?

According to the new Service Order (Ordem de Serviço do Conselho Nacional de Imigração nº. 01-2015) the Ministry will now accept translated and legalised employment contracts or payslips as proof of work experience abroad. Previously, only a letter from the former employer company was deemed acceptable.

For intra-company transferees within the same group of companies, the Ministry will accept a letter signed by the legal representative of the local (Brazilian) host company attesting to the applicant’s relevant work experience abroad.

As this document does not need to be translated or legalised, the document collection stage of the application should, in these cases, be quicker, and the successful applicant will be able to start work sooner.

Action Items

  • If you need to obtain a Brazilian work visa which requires proof of the applicant’s work experience, you can benefit from the new supporting document rules to submit applications quicker.

This news alert was prepared using information provided by Overseas Consultoria and Atene Consultoria.

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