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UKRAINE – Significant Changes to Work Permit Procedure

On 11 February 2015 a Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (No.42 of 28 January 2015) came into effect, amending the procedure for obtaining and extending work permits, to the benefit of those doing business in Ukraine.

Under the amended regulations, the processing time for work permit applications has been reduced, work permits can be extended closer to their expiry date and the labour market search requirement is waived for additional categories of applicants.

Time Limits

  • The maximum processing time for work permit applications has been reduced from 15 calendar days to 7 working days;
  • The employer has 7 business days, rather than the previous 3 business days, to submit a signed employment agreement to the employment centre;
  • The employer must pay the work permit fee within 10 business days from the applicant’s receipt of the decision, instead of the 30 calendar days from the date of the authority’s decision.

Work Permit Extension

The deadline for submitting an application for extension of a work permit has been amended from 30 calendar days to 20 calendar days before expiration.

Labour Market Search Wait Period Waiver

The 15-day labour market search period, between the date of the announcement of the vacancy and the date of application for a work permit, has been waived for some information technology sector applicants and for graduates from top-100 higher educational institutions. For these applicants, as well as for Directors, owners and shareholders (as per the previous rules), the local labour market search will run in parallel to the work permit application.

Other Changes

  • Applicants must now be notified of decisions by email as well as regular mail;
  • The employment centre must return documents to applicants if applications are denied or rejected;
  • A new application form has been introduced.

Action Items

  • Employers should adjust their plans to take into account reduced processing times;
  • Employers must meet the new shorter deadlines for paying the processing fee and for submitting the signed employment agreement.

This news alert was prepared using information provided by ABEA Relocation.

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