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IRELAND – Trusted Partner Initiative Launched

On 12 May 2015 the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Immigration (DJEI) launched the Trusted Partner Initiative, which is intended to reduce the paperwork required from employers and European Economic Area (EEA) contractors applying for employment permits for foreign nationals.

Applicants granted Trusted Partner status will have access to a unique set of employment permit application forms where they must provide their Trusted Partner Registration number in lieu of a number of their employer details. Applications should also be processed faster.

Who Qualifies?

Qualifying companies must be registered in Ireland, and must not have been convicted of any offence under Ireland’s immigration or employment permits laws.

What are the Benefits?

  • Faster turnaround of Trusted Partner employment permit applications, as fewer company details have to be checked;
  • Shorter application forms (no need to provide company contact details, registered address, signature and latest P30 with every permit application);

What Remains the Same?

  • The eligibility for each permit type;
  • Personal documents required from the employee;
  • The government processing fee paid by the employer;
  • Some corporate documents are still required, such as the job description and letter of support.

How to Apply for and Renew Trusted Partner Status

An application to register as a Trusted Partner must be made on the official form which is available on the DJEI website. The application form for Trusted Partner registration must be signed by the Company Secretary, the Person of Compliance or Person of Process or the business owner. There is no fee for this application. Processing of this applications is supposed to take only two days.

Trusted Partner status is valid for two years, and a reminder to complete renewal will be sent two months before expiry.

Action Items

  • Irish-registered employers who employ foreign nationals should consider applying for Trusted Partner status to take advantage of the reduced processing times and paperwork requirements;
  • Note that the announced faster processing times may not become established until processing offices are used to the new system.

This news alert was prepared using information provided by Corporate Care Relocation.

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