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We're very proud of our revolutionary new global immigration knowledge software, Immiguru, and we think you’ll be impressed too. Watch our short introductory video here:

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What Our Clients Say:

We have been using Immigo for several months now, having switched from a US immigration centric case management system with global features. Immigo is far and away more user friendly and functional than both our prior software and all of the other software we demoed in the selection process. The interface is clean and easy to navigate, but the program has all of the functions that law firms and companies need, including sophisticated but intuitive reports, a cases in process dashboard, unlimited process steps, fields for uploading case documents and tracking issued documents, etc. Moreover the program is customizable to meet client needs. For firms and companies with basic needs, it is very easy to use the program without being forced to configure complex fields. But for power users who need more - GANTT charts, detailed reports - they are available. We are extremely happy with our switch to Immigo as are our clients.
Our company's immigration service division recently implemented Immigo as operating system for the case management of our operations. We are fascinated by the program's logic which has already helped us to better streamline, control and keep track of our operations. Immigo's reporting system allows us to tailor make reports as per our clients' needs which adds tangible value to our service and improves customer relations.
Just wanted to say I LOVE IMMIGURU! I have not slept great tonight thinking of the 7 countries of information sought by the client yesterday and now a few minutes later I have shot off great reports and my day really turned to euphoria! Thanks guys – you did an amazing job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Our experience with Immigo has been phenomenal. This is the kind of intelligent case management combined tracking system that immigration professionals have been crying out for. Immigo is the perfect tool, easy to use and clear to read. Added to the possibility of the interaction with the Immiguru platform, offering over 500 procedures for 84 countries really allowed Expat Partners to become a global immigration service provider, with a stream-lined system for managing and tracking our case files. Immigo has allowed us to give our clients secured access to their cases whenever and wherever they want, Gantt charts and reports are all available at ones finger tips. Thank you Sophy and the Peregrine team we look forward to the next exciting steps!
“My firm is absolutely in love with Immiguru since we’ve been using it. It’s a fabulous tool.”
“Immiguru makes my job easier. It saves time when you need to have a clear idea about the problems and the timing of a legal process.”
“Immiguru has provided us with a cost effective and time efficient methodology for understanding and facilitating immigration services. We have been able to implement effective internal processes that maximise the use of our resources while giving our team the tools for greater knowledge of the immigration process as a whole.”
“The access to the fantastic up to the minute fact files, handy hints and contact points for overseas providers afforded to us by Immiguru has been invaluable and enabled us to launch a global service and compete for larger accounts.”
I use Immiguru on an almost daily basis when providing immigration pricing and information to our clients. The fact that I can choose a variety of home locations, nationalities and destinations has been beyond helpful in providing the right information to our clients. It is a great tool to have full use of within my role.
I have dealt with Sophy King for a number of years and hold her in extremely high regard.  Sophy has undertaken several consulting projects for us and has provided invaluable business support throughout our time working together.  I can strongly recommend Sophy’s project skills and her ability to undertake complex projects at short notice.
“Peregrine has been doing project work for our company during the last year. The project work included Immigration research for our business in several countries especially for non-EU nationals going to work at other locations very often without our company having an entity in these locations. This helped our business and leadership to decide whether opening an entity would make sense or employees could work at a client site. Sophy and her team have always been extremely reliable, approachable and delivered the requested information quickly which helped us to make further decisions for new locations and start planning accordingly. Especially the timelines we need to take into account for visa1) applications, required documents, red flags per region have been extremely useful for our business. I can highly recommend Peregrine as an advisor for all immigration related matters.”
Through our collaboration with Peregrine, we have been able to provide guidance on a multitude of complex immigration scenarios, helping clients successfully resolve key concerns in a timely and efficient manner.  Peregrine is an excellent partner for immigration consultations of any size and complexity.”
“The training and webinars provided by Peregrine Immigration have been very informative and helpful.  Peregrine’s network of partners, as well as the team at Peregrine are always willing to provide the most up-to-date and relevant information.  They are knowledgeable and easy to understand.  Thanks to Peregrine, we have been able to gain the knowledge and insight on global immigration and have been able to provide our clients with the utmost service possible”
“I have been working with Sophy King at Peregrine Immigration on a large scale global immigration project for the past 18 months. The resources and policies we have put together allow us to maximize compliance across the globe, and the project has been a great success. I have found Peregrine to be deeply knowledgeable, organized, and efficient in every step. Working with Sophy and her team has allowed me to focus my efforts less on requirements and data gathering, and more on the actual implementation of improved processes. Had I tried to manage this project on my own, it would not have been possible. The Peregrine team has been essential in the success of this project. I would highly recommend their services, and would use them again without hesitation.”
“Our work with Sophy King and Peregrine Immigration Management in a Consulting capacity has been a very positive experience. We have received insightful guidance on complex issues, obtained specific expertise on many countries and benefitted from her wide range of immigration experience. This particularly was useful in identifying potential high quality service providers in many of our key locations. With respect to our RFP (Request for Proposal), in which we took a very complex and difficult approach, Sophy's ability to distill down complex situations into manageable pieces was a key to successful execution of the project. During the analytical phase of the RFP, she was able to provide a great balance between applying detailed knowledge to specific responses and identifying areas where a broader approach was more relevant. After awarding the contract Sophy was also able to help us in the development of immigration process flows for new countries. Over-all, Sophy and Peregrine have been timely in their assistance, outstanding in experience, and impartial in assessment - a great, collaborative partner for our project.”