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Peregrine believes that businesses are severely disadvantaged by being forced to make global mobility decisions without global immigration knowledge. We also know that this doesn't need to be happening.

We provide independent, expert global immigration knowledge and consultative advice, including immigration policy drafting, RFP and implementation management, supplier management and recommendation, and global case management training.

Peregrine clients benefit from regular in-house and web-based training on global immigration hot topics, free subscription to global immigration news alerts and 24/7 telephone and email support.

The next logical step in global mobility is to give the power back to the businesses. Decisions over global immigration policy, global assignments and multinational projects should not be made in the dark. Our core business is unbiased, clear-sighted consultation, so we're able to independently advise your business on how best to handle immigration management.

A printable brochure about our products is available for download here.