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Why Immiguru?

Save Time and Money

Immiguru software stores and manages extensive global immigration data so that you don't have to. All of your employees, wherever they are in the world, can have access to accurate, consistent and clear immigration data for multiple countries. Empower your staff to deal with immigration matters efficiently and effectively without incurring hefty legal bills or wasting valuable time.

User Friendly

Immiguru is user friendly. The data is laid out clearly and consistently for each country and can also be downloaded as a PDF for easy sharing and discussion. The user interface is clean and bold and intuitive to use. We've had 100% positive feedback on how easy the system is to navigate.

Immiguru runs in a browser, and everything is hosted by us. So there's nothing to install. All you need to do is login.


The data in Immiguru is regularly reviewed and updated by specialists around the world.


Immiguru's design is based on feedback from our partners and customers and our own experience in the industry. If your business needs particular views of the data or specialized downloadable reports, talk to us.

Where can I get it?

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